• Congratulations to the TGI Re-Launch Promo Winners!
  • NEWS | August 7, 2014

We are please to announce the 3 winning submitters and their corresponding ideas that were randomly selected for the $50 Campus Store gift cards as part of  the TGI re-launch promotion:

  1. ROSA DA SILVA: McMaster and Me App for Smartphones
  2. LISA BONIFACE: Total Compensation Statements
  3. ANGELA DINELLO: Overhaul of Internal Communications at McMaster

A total of 33 submissions were received as a result of the website re-launch event. The program has received a total of 92 ideas since April 2013.  Of these 92 ideas, 38 ideas have been considered for implementation, 22 are in progress and moving towards completion, and 13 have been completed successfully. The remainder of the ideas (19) have been declined due to not fitting the criteria of the program, or are not feasible.  These ideas are kept on file for future reference.  

Please review the website (ideas.mcmaster.ca) for updates on current ideas.  Help us identify which ideas are of highest interest by “liking” ideas of interest, and providing comments to those in which you feel you have other suggestions to add.

Thank you for your participation in the TGI program.  Click here to let us know what you think! For any other inquiries, contact greatidea@mcmaster.ca, and a member of the TGI Team will get back to you as soon as possible.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

We want to hear your ideas, make sure to submit your ideas today!


The 'TGI' Team