March 28, 2017
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Spring Cleaning

When using the Search feature on McMaster websites and home pages outdated and old results are given.  This is an issue as it is not apparent that it is an old webpage, and sometimes users have relied on very outdated information or used outdated forms.  It would be very beneficial for a protocol to be created and implemented, so individuals responsible for website admin, know the best practices to ensure outdated pages, forms and information are not being accessed.  When brought to the attention of Schools and Departments, there is always surprise that there is the ability to find old link to the old information.  Suggest developing and providing general knowledge and awareness on how to clean up webpages.


  • Responded on June 23, 2017
  • In the upcoming months, as a component of the University's Brand and Marketing strategy being introduced and implemented shortly, websites will be refreshed and updated for a common look and feel as well as review of information. ¬†This will begin with priority websites (i.e. homepage, Daily News, Brand Guidelines websites) and then followed by providing guidance to the University community so support the updating their websites (to include the new look and feel and at the same time review and updating of posted information).

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