May 31, 2017
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Short term parking fees on evenings and weekends

On weekends and evenings there is a flat rate for parking of $7.00 for the lots around DBAC (B,C,D,G,H). I'd like to suggest hourly fees to make it more cost effective on the weekends. The current monthly fee parking options are only advantageous if you are using it very often.

  • Responded on November 30, 2017
  • Parking Services appreciates this suggestion.  There are no plans to change the parking rate structure on evenings and weekends.  The flat rate for lots M and P are the lowest cost option for evening and weekend users, however it is recognized that these lots are furthest away from DBAC.  

    Between November 19 and December 2, 2018, Parking Services has issued a transportation survey to help them in understanding student, faculty and staff's attitudes and behaviours related to different forms of transportation. There are questions asking about the mode of transportation used to get to main campus and the frequency and timeframe when students, faculty and staff are on campus.  The results will be kept anonymous and used for quality improvement purposes.

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