October 1, 2017
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The amount of garbage created at McMaster sports games is unbelievable!  Sponsors give out thousands of pieces of paper and cardboard, 95% of which is left behind in the stands, or left to be blown around campus. When cleaning up the garbage left in the stands, it all goes into one bag. This would matter, however, if the university recycles, which McMaster seemingly does not. All of the waste from the garbage and recycling bins in and around the athletic centre is thrown into one dumpster. For a University that promotes sustainability, we are doing a pretty awful job. My idea is easy- for sponsors coming to the games, make sure they are waste free- no coupons no one is going to use, no samples wrapped individually, just promote your business without waste. Secondly, recycle! It is the most passive way to be more sustainable. If the rest of the campus does sort their garbage, however with the amount of garbage created just within the athletic centre, something has to be done.