November 8, 2018
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Podcasting Abilities in Every Classroom

Provide the technology and necessary support in every class so that professors can podcast their lectures for students with disabilities or who are off-campus or just in current crisis. This technology makes school possible for individuals who have a difficult time coming onto campus often, for whatever reason.  This would be one easy way to show students you’re invested in their success, by giving them the ability to catch-up on any lectures they couldn't be in-person to attend.

  • Responded on December 18, 2018
  • Currently, the University has has some classrooms equipped with Echo360 technology and when accommodation warrants, classes are moved to these rooms.  

    The Associate Director of Library Computing & Campus Classroom Technologies has oversight of Echo360 and work is underway to providing the technology more broadly. This initiative has been discussed at the McMaster Accessibility Council and at PACBIC's Accessibility Disability & Ableism working group.


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