April 23, 2014
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Memorabilia for Grad Students

  • Grad students like to leave a symbolic memento to be remembered as a successful generation
  • Currently the University has accumulated a diverse spectrum of memorabilia which do not connect with the campus surroundings
  • Campus surroundings could be enhanced by:
    1. Designate special areas on campus for memorabilia in an organized manner to exemplify the purpose served
    2. Future generations can mark their memories by planting a nice tree, or investing a nominal amount into a memory garden, or donate benches with plaques.
  • Responded on July 16, 2014
  • The University has an established the Commemorative Giving Program that includes trees, benches and gardens. This program works with the Grounds team on any donor directed projects which include celebrating a retirement of faculty and staff with a tree and plaque or in memory trees and benches. There are many examples of these across campus and we do our best to ensure that any such activity runs through this program as there are established costs for each option as well as ongoing maintenance issues.  The University has planted several trees this year (2014), as well as completed the garden in front of the Psychology building.

    There are also The Senior Class Giving Program as well as Reunion Class Giving Program. Each class is given an option of projects that they may support and several have selected gardens. The garden that is currently being built in front of University Hall is the Class of 1964's gift to their alum, but others such as the Class of 2013 have chosen to fund-raise for cell phone charger machines.

    The McMaster Alumni Association, in conjunction with Facility Services - Grounds, is considering a new program that would include planting a tree on campus for each graduating class, however the right area is yet to be identified.  This program is suggested to commence the year of Graduating Class 2015.

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