April 26, 2013
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Faculty Health Science - Administrative Services - Human Resources
Central Administration - Human Resources
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Job Swapping or Shadowing

  • Post different departmental job opportunities including job requirements, application form and approval process by the department manager.
  • A summary would be prepared by the person shadowing so that they can give their perspectives/impressions on the position, share any insights they have  gained and what they are going to take back with them to their own position.
  • Allow for a fresh perspective on how things are done and greater opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and innovation.
  • Responded on July 22, 2013
    • A Mentoring program is currently in the development under the leadership of our TMG Talent Sub-Committee’s Working Group, supported by our Organizational Development team (Human Resources Services).  More details should be available by Fall 2013.
    • Employee Career Services are currently working on two new initiatives: "Career Spotlights" and the "McMaster Career Guide" which will be available to all employees on the website within the next several months. 
    • Facilities Services has been working with Employee/Labour Relations are currently in the process of creating a Job Shadowing program.
    • Many informal job shadowing arrangements are taking place across the University as a part of an employee’s onboarding or individual development plan.
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