May 29, 2017
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Central purchasing unit for IT (software and hardware)

This idea is within the scope of the IT Review initiative and is being considered and will be progressed as a component of the initiative.  More updates to follow in the coming months.

  • Responded on August 22, 2017
  • Beginning September 1st staff, faculty members and students will have expanded access to Microsoft software products through a central, university-wide, funded program. This program offers two benefits of particular interest to those purchasing a new computer or thinking of upgrading an existing computer: Office software and Windows operating system upgrades.  First, the agreement allows any McMaster computer which was purchased with Windows (or Mac OS) to install the newest, professional or enterprise version of the Windows operating system. Second, all McMaster computers are eligible to install or upgrade Microsoft’s Office products. This should reduce the cost to a department or researcher of buying a new computer system. Alternatively, many users will find the cloud-based Office 365 option to be a convenient alternative.

    Instructions for accessing these services will be available beginning September 1 at:  Questions should be directed to

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