May 30, 2014
Location of Impact
Central Administration - Security & Parking Services
Impact of Idea

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Addition to Stop Signs at Cootes Drive Entrance

  • Addition of an 'Incoming traffic does not stop' sign below each Stop sign at Cootes Drive entrance
  • The cars and buses that cross that intersection do not always know that the traffic from Cootes does not have a stop sign
  • Cars stopped at the stop sign start moving, expecting incoming traffic to stop as well
  • Responded on December 18, 2015
    • After conducting a study, the University has implemented various stop signs at locations in and around Cootes Paradise; this particular study determined the most appropriate locations to add new stop signs to promote safety without creating traffic and congestion onto Cootes Paradise
    • The study also determined that the addition of a stop sign at the end of the off-ramp into College Crescent would cause congestion and traffic
    • Parking Services is in the process of corresponding with the City of Hamilton to reassess the pedestrian and car traffic onto Cootes Paradise from Main Street West; this will include an assessment on the need for additional signage in the area informing pedestrians of traffic flow
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  • Responded on August 8, 2014
    • McMaster uses a traffic management system to identify where the most strategic places are to place traffic signs throughout campus
    • In the area referred to within this idea, various forms of signage have been added to ensure that drivers do stop and that incoming traffic has the right-of-way
    • This area will be monitored and reviewed by Parking & Security Services and will update signs if found necessary
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